Business Match-Making 

Research = Leads = Conversations = Opportunity = Sales 

We know trying grow a New Business Venture or Existing Business can be hard work, that’s why we have created this great solution were we find your ideal target audience and bring them to you. 

Lead Generation
One of the primary goals of marketing is to generate qualified sales leads - especially if the product or service is complex or technical in nature. At TMI, we have developed our own lead generation systems and methodologies to ensure you see real results within the shortest possible time.

Our strong strategic approach means the lead generation campaigns we develop are in line with your business and sales objectives, targeted to the right audience.  

Customer Benefits: 

•    We appoint a Business Consultant that will manage the whole business lead generating service for your company.
•    Daily market research and compiling of business listing information for your Province and surrounding areas within a 200km radius.
•    Sectors of research will include, Retail, Business, Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Mining, Manufacturing, Property Management Agencies,
     Construction and Development Companies.  
•    Targeted audience is contacted via E-mail & Telephone Marketing.  
•    Constant follow-ups are done on all successful leads to ensure customer satisfaction.   
•    All leads will be added to the Mail Marketing System to receive a monthly email on products and services offered by your company.  
•    A weekly report in excel format will be sent to you with all the potential client information and comments of all the work that was done.  .

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Influencer Marketing

In a discipline enjoying spectacular growth,
small, relatable, and connected can still be beautiful.

As consumer trust becomes harder to earn, more than ever brands need advocates that their audiences like and believe in.

Influencer has gone from buzzword to accepted tactic. And the meteoric rise of web entrepreneurs speaks to an important truth: Audiences today want to connect with people they admire and can relate to, and those personalities can powerfully mediate people’s interaction with brands.

This comes at a time where consumers are more skeptical of brands than ever, fueled by questions of data privacy, targeting and more. Brands right now need human advocates that can build trust, inspire conversions, and build positive public image – when done right, influencers do just that.

Our team approaches influencer marketing with a blend of research, market knowledge, and social awareness. We understand that the perfect influencer isn’t the one with the biggest following. It’s the person that makes real connections with their followers in the same way your brand aims to. Making that connection happen, however, takes a team that understands the influencer landscape, and how to leverage it for success.

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